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South Dakota Florists Association

2023 Convention

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Convention Hotel

Ramkota Hotel | 605-886-8011

Mention SDFA by 2/28/23 for room rates

Convention Sponsors

Thank you to our convention sponsors for your contributions to SDFA!

We appreciate you! 

Platinum Sponsors | $5,000+

Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist

Gold Sponsors | $3,000+

Len Busch Roses

North American Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Silver Sponsors | $1,000+

Accent Decor


Bronze Sponsors | $500+



Syndicate Sales

Design Competitions

Must be current SDFA member/employee to enter design competitions.

Judging will be during Pasque design competition Sunday morning.

Please include a printed sign/notecard with your design including the following information: Design Level, Your Design's Name, Designer's Name, Business Name & Cell Phone Number.  

Level 1: Under 2 years floral experience.

Create a design with theme: "Margaritaville"

Wholesale cost under $50 | Must include detailed cost sheet including props

Size no more than 2.5’ x 2.5’ x 2.5’

Register design at 9am Saturday, April 1 at registration desk

Cash prize of $100 for first place


Level 2: 2-5 years floral experience

Create a design with theme: "Margaritaville"

Wholesale cost under $100 | Must include detailed cost sheet including props

Size no more than 3’ x 3’ x 3’

Register design at 9am Saturday, April 1 at registration desk

Cash prize of $100 for first place


Pasque Design Competition: 5+ years floral experience

Test your design and teamwork sills and compete in our exciting Pasque Design Competition!

Theme: "Margaritaville"

Part 1 | Teamwork design | Teams will be randomly selected

Part 2 | Design-off between best team | Winner will be 2022 Designer of the Year!

No need to bring a design to enter, just your tools!

No cost to enter!

Event time: 9am Saturday, April 1.  Meet at registration desk

Cash prize of $100 for first place.


Doug Hesnard Design Competition | Excellence in Design

Designer must have been a past Pasque design-off contestant or have higher education certification (AIFD, PFCI, etc) to enter Doug Hesnard Design competition.

Showcasing experienced designers using advanced design and techniques and principles and elements.

Create a design/collection featuring theme: "Margaritaville"

No restriction on size, materials or cost! Be creative!

Must present design to judges, between 3-5 minutes | Including principles and elements of design, color and design style

Register design at 9am Saturday, April 1 at registration desk

Stage & Hands On Designers

Donald Yim AIFD PFCI













WHEN PASSION & CAREER COME TOGETHER | With a passion for flowers, a sense of exploration and an eye for beauty, Donald has been in floral design for over 30 years, and is now the Creative Director of West Van Florist in Vancouver, Canada, Education Specialist at Floriology Institute of Jacksonville, Florida, as well as the Design Director at Smithers-Oasis North America of Kent Ohio.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE | Deeply influenced by eastern and western cultures, Donald has his unique approach to floral designs and aesthetics which has caught a lot of attention from the industry and media. Throughout the years, Donald has featured in all sorts of floral shows and in many internationally renowned magazines.

LOVE WHAT YOU DO | Donald's humorous and friendly way of tutoring has made him one of the popular education specialists in the field, thrilling participants with his trendy ideas and techniques. To further share his passion with people, Donald has created a YouTube channel where he shares his floral journey, and gives many design ideas and much industry knowledge to the world.

CONSTANTLY GO BEYOND YOUR BEST | Donald placed 5th in the 2019 World Flower Art Contest, held in 2019 in Bejing, China, where 33 stars of the world floral industry competed on stage and were united together under the concept "Live Green Live Better". He followed up with 1st place in the 51st annual Sylvia Cup Design Competition, the longest-running, live, U.S. floral industry design competition, held in 2019 in Amelia Island, Florida.

Design Show | Saturday, April 1 3pm

"Unexpected Elements Featuring Everyday Flowers"

Take a moment to remove yourself from our fast-paced world, to slow down and join us for an exciting presentation.  Become engaged as unique floral designs come to life with the incorporations of various materials to demonstrate the transformation that can be made with the simple addition of familiar, everyday material. Our presentation allows you to take the time to watch how the style and emotion can change by the addition of these items.  Leave with inspiration to discover your own unique materials to incorporate into your next arrangement!

Hands On Design Class | Sunday, April 2 10:30am

"Everyday flowers every day!!"

The world is so fast these days, everything coming at you at once! There is no time to sit and appreciate what is right in front of you. Come join us, as we will slow down to see the beauty in everyday flowers in a whole new way. 

Using different elements, a modern and contemporary spin will be put on your everyday flower designs! Fresh new inspiration will brighten your work and give you a whole new perspective on using everyday flowers.

    Kelsey Thompson AIFD, CFD               &             Rhoda Paurus












Kelsey Thompson, AIFD, CFD is the owner of Bloom Floral + Home Studio in Algona Iowa. She has 14 years of industry experience, is the President of her local Chamber of Commerce, and was recently awarded the Algona "Retailer of the Year". She is the 2022 winner of the SAF Sylvia Cup and a self-proclaimed "business nerd". Kelsey also runs "Petals & Profits" which is an online resource and floral membership with a focus on helping small shops with business and marketing. Her podcast "The Retail Florist" can be found on your favorite listening platform. Her passion is education, both as an educator and as a student who is constantly learning and growing!

Rhoda has always had a passion for flowers! She completed the Retail Floristry program at Hennepin Tech and has refined her skills over the years working in various areas of the floral industry. Her first love is designing, she has experience working in mass market, shop management and many years of creating designs for weddings and events. When the opportunity became available to purchase the shop she was working in, and she took it! For the past 11 years Rhoda has been the owner of St. Cloud Floral in Saint Cloud, MN a shop established in 1912, carrying on the traditional style of the shop with a little twist of something new!

Hands On Design Class | Saturday, April 1 9:30am

"Little Hacks for Big Impact"

Skills: Large Scale Mechanics, Foliage Enhancement + Manipulation, Designing with less product for more impact, Event “hacks”  

Description: Create big IMPACT with less. In this hands-on class, you’ll learn techniques for foliage and floral manipulation to stretch your creative muscles and your dollar. We’ll share mechanics tips and event “tricks” to use in your shop everyday. You’ll use your skills to create large scale pieces for the final dinner, with awards going to “People’s Choice”  


Design Show | Sunday, April 2 12:30pm

"Creative Designing for Profitability"

Featuring:  Making everyday designs in your shop with limited fresh inventory, picturing for website sales and pricing for profits. Everyday, events and sympathy.

Description:  Be inspired to elevate your everyday designs, sympathy and wedding work. Impact your business’s bottom line with a streamlined design process. 

Influence your audience with current marketing and sales techniques. 

Expand your creativity while growing your profits! 


Contact: Sarah Dahlmeier

605-997-2751 |

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